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Heal Your Fractured Soul Program
Imagine having a system designed to uncover, surface, and rewire what is not serving you emotionally, mentally, and physically.

In this program you get:

  • Access to the guided 5-phase process:
    • Phase 1: Laying the Groundwork
    • Phase 2: Understanding Self
    • Phase 3: Shifting Life in Your Favor
    • Phase 4: Healing & Moving Forward
    • Phase 5: Living Life on Purpose
    • BONUS: Frequency Healing Sessions (4)

  • Membership to the Nourish CLIENTS ONLY Community 
    • This will allow you to interact and see how others are progressing and learn from their challenges. 

And... a special NEW bonus!

  • Support Package - 30 days
    • Weekly live Coaching Clinic Sessions with Kirstin
    • 1:1 Optimization Call with a Nourish Strategy Coach to Maximize Your Learning & Rewiring Experience
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Created from Years of Proven Tools and Experience
We specialize in working with clients with autoimmune disease to help them stop the progression of the disease and heal from decades of physical and emotional damage. 

Our 12-month system of healing is the Autoimmune Freedom Program. It includes three components: nutrition, science, and soul, so clients get a whole body approach to their unique healing path.

Recently, we peeled out the "soul" portion of our full program and created the Heal Your Fractured Soul program. It is uniquely designed to help you tap into underlying emotional blocks that have been holding you back and stopping your healing efforts. 

This program was created from years of weekly Soul Session trainings working with hundreds of clients. This 5-phase process is what we use with our clients to help lay the foundation for emotional healing, uncover traumas hiding beneath the surface, and provide tools to surface and safely process those traumas for long term success.

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Program Instructor


After Celiac Disease and Hashimoto's caused Kirstin to completely rethink her entire life, she shut down her marketing consulting company to go back to school to become a natural health practitioner.

Since then, Kirstin has become a leading expert in helping others stop their symptoms, reverse disease progression, and heal from autoimmune related issues.

Her experience, training, and education as a:

  • Certified Holistic Nutritionist
  • Professional Chef
  • Neuro Linguistic Programing Practitioner
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy Practitioner
  • Certified EFT & TFT Practitioner
  • Biofield Immersion Practitioner

...and her work with hundreds of autoimmune clients, along with her own personal healing journey has helped her cohesively tie together the three crucial components (Nutrition, Science, and Soul) needed to heal and reach autoimmune freedom.

Kirstin, along with her partner (in life and business) Anthony DiNobile, have built an incredible business helping others heal. Learn how to make this amazing modality work for you to help you get your clients better results, build a solid practice, and increase your own energy healing!

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Is this program for me?
Autoimmune and trauma go hand-in-hand. They are directly and indirectly connected in hundreds of ways. 

If you suspect or aren’t sure if your autoimmune issues are related to trauma, here’s are eight quick examples of ways to better understand if it’s part of your underlying root causes.
  • You cannot remember much or any of your childhood. 

  • You are overly empathetic to others or situations that have no connection to you (like movies or stories about others you don’t know).

  • You have sudden bursts of anger or frustration that you may not even understand what they’re stemming from.

  • You have difficultly identifying how you feel emotionally. 

  • You are hyper critical of yourself and/or others.

  • Your anxiety is high, and you may be relying on mood altering medication to help you function daily.

  • You often self medicate with wine, alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, caffeine, food, video games, or TV.

  • Your lab test are “normal,” or not showing anything significant, and you can’t seem to find a solution to the pain, fatigue, stomach upset, foggy brain, hormone imbalance, or other symptom. 

  • You find yourself overly giving to others and always putting the needs of others before your own. (Don’t discount this one even if you are excusing it because the “others” are your spouse or your children.
You deserve to feel good. And there is a direct path to get you there. 

If any of these examples resonated with you... then this is exactly the program you are looking for!
Are You Living In A Trauma Loop?
If the goal is "happiness," then you are set up to fail, which will keep you in a state of constant trauma.
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The body doesn’t care if you’re happy; it cares that you’re safe. So it looks for familiar patterns and connects with feels “normal,” which is not necessarily what is healthy or good.

Repeating a familiar pattern or staying in a familiar but harmful situation does not mean you enjoy the experience or even want to have the experience again. But familiar equals safe in the brain… even if what you are familiar with is chaos… fear… anxiety… or pain…

Subconsciously, we seek out similar experiences at a hidden, underlying level and may feel emotional feelings of anxiety, worry, confusion, depression, shame, fear, or anger even when they are actually safe or in a “calm” environment.

These feelings can also present as physical symptoms such as pain, digestive discomfort, fatigue, hormone imbalance, thyroid disorder, adrenal disfunction, and autoimmune disease.

This can feel confusing and upsetting. And if the underlying issues remain hidden or blocked, they will fester and get worse.

What Can You Do to Stop This Hidden Trauma Issue?

Trust your gut (or you shoulder pain, your anxiety, your fatigue, your “unexplained” fear, or your migraines) and know there’s more to the story.

Your body is trying to communicate with you.

Let it know you’re ready to listen.

And learn the tools you need to identify what's causing your trauma, surface those hidden issues, and process them so you can live balanced and free!

Just click the Heal My Trauma button below.
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